Honest Wellness

Our Honest Wellness breads are fermented for 4 hours for the absolute best in class nutrition and taste. We hand-select only the healthiest ingredients that provide nutritional benefits to support your health and wellbeing.

Truly Original

Our flavours are truly original just like how we slow craft our bread. Better bread takes time so we ferment our breads for as long as 24 hours for exceptional taste and health benefits. Keep an eye out for our harvest breads available for limited runs.

Authentic Sourdough Rye

Our Authentic Sourdough Rye Breads are always fermented for at least 12 hours for optimal taste and nutrition and are baked with grain we grow ourselves in P.E.C. We use our 100-year-old family baking expertise in creating robust flavours, often only found overseas.

Organic Live Sprouts

We only use nutrient dense sprouted grains that are naturally sprouted for 24 hours to make our Organic Live Sprouts Breads. Sprouting creates an uncompromisingly delicious and wholesome loaf, each and every time.